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Alberta Adventist Education Communication #19 

 Substitute Teachers 


The Bible Says

Reverse the Curse
My wife makes incredible granola! She could actually sell the stuff and make a ton of money! She has a secret recipe ...
Where Is the Fire?
As I sat in church, I had a million different thoughts bouncing around in my head. “Did I forget to add salt to the ...
Before They Call
My friend Virginia grew up in a coal mining town in West Virginia. She showed me pictures of shabby shacks along a ...

Daily Devotional
Messages to inspire and encourage you throughout your day!
A Reliable Source
He will dwell on the heights, his refuge will be the impregnable rock; his bread will be given him, his water will be ...
Merely Entertainment
To them you're merely entertainment—a country singer of sad love songs, playing a guitar. They love to hear you talk, ...

3-Year Education Plan and AERR (2012-2013)

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